Minecraft Foam Iron Sword


Minecraft Iron Sword! What better weapon could you have, except for a diamond sword ofcourse!

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First you need to chop up some wood, craft some sticks and ofcourse a pickaxe. Then go and mine some stone, to make a better pickaxe. With a stone pickaxe you need to go mine for iron. There you go! Wait, you probably used up all the sticks for the previous tools, go and chop up some more wood to get sticks. Now you have it, iron ingots and sticks – that’s it, you can craft an iron sword! BUT you can get one way easier than that – just order one from here!

Use it to break the alarm clock for ruining your dreams, place butter on your toast in the breakfast and moreover – clear the path to school and back, so noone stands in your way! Everyone who has played Minecraft knows that there is only one weapon better than an iron sword- a diamond sword. Oh, you can get one of these from us, too!


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