Minecraft Transforming Gold Sword/Pick Axe


Play the game of Minecraft in real life – get this multifuncional gold tool to play out any part of the game!

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This is something unseen before – an almighty tool for both – mining and fighting! A revolution for Minecraft, when you have two-in-one tool. Craft an item and get two in return. Let’s say you’re in the mines digging for some diamonds and then a creeper comes up, turn your pickaxe into a sword in just seconds and fight the beast! Turn the game into reality, this will be an aweome accessory for a costume party or any other night – everyone will have blast just figuring the thing out! And if you’re a Minecraft fan, then that is settled then, click the buy button!

  • Made of plastic and high-density foam
  • Push handle for pickaxe
  • Pull handle for sword
  • Ages 6 and older



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