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Minecraft Story Mode, PlayStation 3

$29.99 $20.83 (as of April 7, 2016, 11:15 am)

Now it is your opportunity to write YOUR stroy in YOUR world! Get your copy now!

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This is the season pass for the episode one of an epic adventure in Minecraft Story Mode! The adventure is five-part episodic series where the rest of the episodes become available via Internet once you’ve played the first. The Epic adventure includes all of the basics plus the extra of EnderCon, Gabriel the Warrior and Order of the Stone! Discover the adventure that has so much more to offer than the regular game of Minecraft. Terror is unleashed and only you can save your world from oblivion! This will be YOUR story by the words you decide to say and what you choose to do in the moments of threat.

Prizes (may vary):

Playstation 4 – 27.89$
XBox One – 23.95$
PC/Mac Online Game Code – 24.99$
Playstation 3 – 20.00$
XBox 360 – 29.99$


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