Minecraft Foam Diamond Sword & Pickaxe Combo


Officially Licensed
Crafted from durable, EVA foam

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First you need to chop up some wood, craft some sticks and ofcourse a pickaxe. Then go and mine some stone, to make a better pickaxe. With a stone pickaxe you need to go mine for iron. There you go! Wait, you probably used up all the sticks for the previous tools, go and chop up some more wood to get sticks. You’re half-way there, you can craft an iron pickaxe to go after diamonds! And that takes some time and patience… BUT you can get them way easier than that – just order from here!

Now you have two of the most common tools you need to survive in Minecraft. There is no better weapon than a diamond sword! And ofcourse the best tool for mining is a diamond pickaxe! Make the Minecraft game your reality, use them for a party or whenever you feel like you need them – to survive in your own home!


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