Minecraft Crafting Table

$75.99 $41.33 (as of April 7, 2016, 9:07 am)

The perfect gift for a Minecraft fan to bring the game to life! Follow the templates or make a new creation!

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This Crafting Table will make Minecraft come to life! You can craft objects that you know from the game with the help of 10 different templates included in the package or use your imagination and create some whole new items. When you have finished placing the crafting cubes then some spray of water will make the cubes stick together – there, you’re done! You can get even more crafting cubes with a refill pack (sold separately)!

Includes 1 crafting table, 3 transparent creation trays, 10 item/tool templates, 1,500 craft cubes and 1 spray bottle.


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