Minecraft Boys’ “Enderman Inside” Youth T-shirt

$29.95 $12.95 (as of April 7, 2016, 10:01 am)

Heavyweight jersey t-shirt of another reality. Perfect for Minecraft fans :)

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This shirt will give an impression of another reality that exists for every Minecraft player. Look at the 3D-effect this shirt gives an impression of – a purple-eyed Enderman carrying a block. I wonder what is the Enderman doing with that stone block? I guess I should step into the game to get a better glimpse! This shirt is an opportunity to play Minecraft even when you’re not actually playing it (under the circumstances).

Officially licensed and created by J!NX.
Woven from 100% carded open end 18/1 cotton.
Heavyweight 5.7 ounce jersey.
Features relaxed-fit body.

Sizes and Prizes (may vary):
Small – 12.95$
Medium – 13.90$
Large – 12.95$
X-Large – 15.90$


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